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Pest & Termite Eradication

At Natraspray Pest Control in Coffs Harbour we provide a range of environmentally friendly pest and termite eradication services. The development of Natraspray Pest Control was prompted by the growing concerns of many people, about the impact of traditional pest control methods.

Due to the concerns of how these chemicals could affect the health of people, pets and the environment, extensive research was conducted by scientists, to find better solutions to controlling insects and pests.
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No mess. No smell. No stains.
No need to vacate and no need to worry.
Our range of home and garden pest control services are now available throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the services we provide and the successful results we achieve for our customers. Due to our methods and of course the natural pest control products we use, clients can now stay at their homes while the operator carries out the services.

A commitment to excellence, great customer service and competitive pricing has ensured the success of Natraspray and its rapid growth as a reputable pest control company.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to leave the house when you spray?
There is no need to leave yoour house for the majority of our pest control servces.
Are your products safe for my family?
How far do you travel?
I have redback spiders, can you get rid of them?
What is your pest control process?
I have German Cockroaches, is this included in your “General pest control treatment”?
For German Cockroaches, how do you manage them?
How does your termite protection work?
How long does your termite protection last?