Termite Control in Coffs Harbour


Protection & Prevention

Many people fail to realise the extensive amount of damage that termites can cause to your home or property.

Since they enter your home through underground leads and remain concealed in wood and timber, it may not be until your timber collapses until you realise that you have a major termite problem.

The team of Termite Specialists at Natraspray Pest Control provide thorough property inspections to assess the type of treatment your house needs.

When it comes to termites, prevention is better than cure.

Preventive treatment helps to ensure that the timber in or around your home has not yet accumulated any hidden damage and will protect it from possible infestation.
Termites — Natraspray in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Our team identifies the root cause and prepares a plan of attack.

Our focus is on making sure that the structure of your home remains intact and safe to inhabit.

Termites, commonly known as white ants, cause serious structural damage to timber and other cellulose-based products. The most common species, Coptotermes acinaciformis, is in fact the most destructive termite species in the world.
Studies have revealed that as many as 1 in every 5 homes are attacked at some stage during their lives by termites.
It is important to take every action possible to prevent termites and the destruction they can cause.

The most commonly encountered termites are subterranean termites.
Living in large underground nests, they travel through the soil and then build mud tunnels to gain access to the timber in your home. Once inside, the worker termites chew up the timber to feed the nest. This frequently leaves timbers hollow inside and structurally unsound.
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What Do You Know About Termites in Australia?

You may not even know you have termites in your home because they are concealed in hidden spots.
Underground nests can contain up to two million termites. That's a lot of hungry mouths that travel 50 metres, or more, in search of food, and your home provides them a feast.
The trouble is, as the termites travel underground, and enter your home by concealed mud tunnels, you may have no idea they're ready to devour your place.
Termites build shelter tubes over the edge of slabs or enter through shrinkage cracks around pipes. When they're hungry, and that's all the time, nothing will stop a termite grabbing a quick lunch.

Termidor and Environmental Termite Protection

What is Termidor?
Termidor is the biggest selling termiticide in the USA and is used in Australia, Japan, France and many other countries where subterranean termite infestations are a severe economic problem. Termidor has been used in more than a million homes with safety and effectiveness. Natraspray uses a variety of termidore dust, foaming agents and liquids amoung other products in different situations.

Sentricon Always Active
Termite Baiting System
Sentricon Always Active is a perimeter baiting system which is installed around the home. The active termiticies bait rods are placed into the ground, they are more environmentally friendly than a chemical barrier. When foraging termites start to feed on the active bait station, the pesticide will eliminate the entire colony and nesting location. The baits are active from installation and continue working 24 hours a day, for a 5-year period until the rods must be replaced. For one of the most environmentally sound termite system on the market, please phone Natraspray for a free quote.

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Long-Term Protection

As with any termite pest control program, your property always remains susceptible to future attack from new termite colonies or other established colonies in your area.
The good news for homeowners is that the Sentricon Always Active termite baiting system is eradicating termites and colony's around your home 24 hours a day. Also included with the system is an annual termite inspection, regular bait station checks and replacement of termiticide rods (when needed).
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